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Visit to the Cathedral, which combines several artistic styles from different eras such as Gothic and Roman.

  • Tour of the main tourist icons of Girona
  • We will visit  
  • the Arab Baths of Girona
  •  the Salvador Dalí Theater-Museum the Perelada Castle 





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    Visit to Palamos

    Our starting point will be the port of Palamós, built in the 13th century by King Pere II the Great, thanks to this port the city enjoys an important commercial activity. Upon arrival in Girona, we will make a walking tour of the main tourist icons of the city of Girona, especially we will visit the Cathedral, a building that combines several artistic styles from different eras such as Gothic and Roman.


    Girona tour

    Next we will visit the Arab baths of Girona, built in the 12th century and located within the convent of the Capuchins. The Walls of Girona will be the next stop: used as a defense of the city against possible invaders, today a privileged place where you can enjoy a unique view of the territory.


    Visit to Museum’s Dalí

    Then we go to Figueres, where we will visit the Salvador Dalí Theater-Museum, a place that houses a collection of works donated by Dalí himself, a famous Spanish artist, with more than 1 M visitors a year.

    Figueres is the capital of the Alt Empordá region rich for its wine cellars and its coast, with an oenological tradition that goes back to Roman times. In this place we will be part of the Empordá appellation of origin, which runs along a transverse line from the sea to the mountain.

    Then we will move to Perelada, an old county town that bears the same name. Here we will visit Perelada Castle, an old fortification of the Renaissance style, built in the 14th century by mandate of the Viscount of Rocabertí. After visiting the castle, we head towards La Botiga del Celler, a place near Peralada, where we will have a tour of the vineyards and wineries, to end with a tasting of selected wines from the house.

    We return to Palamós, where we will hold a wine tasting and pairing dinner, tasting select wines from Spain in the company of cheeses and lentils to complement the taste of the wine, all from the hand of an expert sommelier.

    We will return to Palamos in the afternoon.


    Girona and its History 

    Its history comes from the settlements of the Iberians of the tribe of the destitute in the villages that surround and close the Plain of Girona. Around 77 BC Pompey made the construction of an oppidum on the Via Heráclea and the Romans founded the original Girona, named in Latin Gerunda. 

    This city was repopulated with the inhabitants of the town of San Julián de Ramis so it became an important center of the region, with the articulation of a Roman ager that surrounded the city. Although Gerunda was inside, far from the coast, it had a good connection to the port of Ampurias. 


    Figueres history 

    In the 10th century it was under the domain of the San Pere de Rodes monastery. 

    In the S. XII was in the hands of the monastery of Santa María de Vilabertran.  In 1267 Jaume I gave Figueres the right to be an independent municipality.  In the second half of the century. XVIII Figueres becomes the capital of Alt Empordà.  Between 1753 and 1766 the castle and the military base of San Ferran was built, This made an economic transformation and also an increase in the population  Between 1808 and 1814 Napoleon’s troops invade.  In 1877 the railway station was inaugurated.  In 1894 they open the bullring. 


    Arab baths 

    In the lower part of the Girona Cathedral, a small dome is notorious above a stone building. It is the lantern of the Arab Baths of the city, shows the silhouette of this small medieval jewel. 

    The building is charming for its simplicity and that of its forms. The construction is of a Romanesque style but follows the model of the Roman baths, the Muslim baths and the Jewish mikva because it is a tradition that is recovered during the 11th century, with the growth of urban centers and the need to improve hygiene

    The building is divided into several rooms that allow to move from the area of ​​coldest water to the hottest. Costumes‘; It is the most emblematic space of the bathrooms, it has an 8-sided stone central pool and 8 columns crowned with charming decorated capitals. 

    Until the fourteenth century the building sustained its activity as public toilets. Already in the twentieth century, Arab baths return to their original appearance 


    Alt Empordà  

    It is a very tourist region, more than anything on the Costa Brava, there it offers beautiful corners and beaches with crystal clear waters. There are also very important ports, such as Roses, Port de la Selva, Llançà and l’Escala. 

    Its natural heritage is very rich, also its archaeological legacy, such as the nuclei d’Empúries or Roses, the old Romanesque monasteries or the medieval-looking towns such as Peralada or Castelló d’Empúries. artistic contributions are also of interest, also the contributions of the artist Salvador Dalí to Figueres and Cadaqués – Port Lligat 


    Peralada Castle 

    It is an important artistic complex built by the Viscounts of Rocabertí in the fourteenth century, after the first fortress called Castro Tolon and located in the upper part of the primitive nucleus of the town was demolished in 1285 in the crusade against Catalunya, cdirigida by the king of France Philip the Bold. The Castle was home to the main Rocabertí until the 19th century, when they went to live in Paris. 

    In these centuries, many reforms and extensions have been made in the castle. The oldest part corresponds to the two towers that flank the entrance, built during the first half of the fourteenth century. Said by the strength of the Rocabertí house in the sixteenth century is the western facade, of a Renaissance style. The last great arrangement was made in the last third of the nineteenth century, the last three brothers of the county family returned to Paris; This reform is its current appearance of the palace. In 1923, the Castle was owned by Barcelona businessman Miquel Mateu i Pla, who made an extraordinary library and transformed the castle into the headquarters for his collections of art, glass, ceramics, painting and manuscripts. His daughter and son-in-law, Carme Mateu and Artur Suqué, have grown the Castle as a place of culture. 


    La Botiga del Celler 

    It is located a few meters from the castle, it is a place where you can meet and taste the wines and cavas of Perelada. 

    In the Botiga del Celler you can find the entire range of wines and champagnes in the winery and some of the most recognized firms in areas such as Australia, California or Champagne, distributed in Spain by Perelada Comercial. 






    All year except Christmas, New Year and St. Stephen



    Tour of Girona icons
    visit a winery in Alt Emporda
    Entrance to the Dalí Museum

    • Maximum capacity: 15 people.
    • Meeting point: Pick up at the Hotel of Hospedaje.
    • It is essentialto have received the reservation confirmation.


    1-day tours are cancelable up to 24 hours before.


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