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Car rental with driver Barcelona


We offer car rental service with driver Barcelona, so you can move from point to point quickly, comfortably and safely.

At Barcelona Lands, we perform different types of services in the most exclusive vehicles available in our fleet.

Our car rental service with driver Barcelona, synonym of quality and guarantees.

We have more than 10 years of experience, offering and performing this type of service, it is offered to all types of customers, equally for everyone and always adapted to the different situations that arise. In any eventuality, we present immediate solutions, resulting in a safe and highly reliable service.

We serve companies, tourists and locals; you can count on us for private transfers from any point of interest in the city. We have pick up service to your home, local, apartment, even transfers to and from the airport.

At Barcelona Lands, we provide you with any service related to private transfers in the city. We offer competitive prices; once your reservation is made, we take care of everything necessary for you to make trips efficiently, adapting to the needs of our customers; definitely a tailor-made service. We provide immediate confirmation of your reservation. Contact us for more information.

Features of the Car rental with driver service in Barcelona

The service is characterized by being highly reliable, with the necessary and expected guarantees, always seeking to offer you a service tailored to your needs. At your disposal you will have all the vehicles of our fleet, so you can choose between standard cars, premium, Minivans, sports cars, luxury cars, etc. Behind the wheel you can count on one of our specialists, a great connoisseur of the city and its surroundings (in case you require transfers to other provinces); The car rental service with driver, allows you to relax much better and enjoy the road in a calmer way.

At the time of booking, you will be hiring a legal, discreet, professional and highly personalized service. Book with us, our specialists are waiting for your call.

Types of car rental with driver Barcelona that we offer, depending on the type of vehicle

We have a large fleet of cars available to perform this type of services, in it you can find the ideal vehicle to move large groups of people, medium or for those who move in small groups of three, in pairs or individually. Some of the services we offer are:


Rent Mercedes E-Class with driver Barcelona

We offer car rental service type Mercedes E class with driver in the city of Barcelona; enjoy the service in a luxury vehicle, spacious and safe; ideal for transfers to events, private tours in and from Barcelona. The car has a large trunk so you can easily carry everything you need for your trips.

BMW 7 Series rental with driver Barcelona

Book with us one of our BMW 7 series vehicles, and enjoy the excellent comfort that only they offer. This type of car has well-defined characteristics that make it stand out from the rest, one of the most requested options for corporate transfers, events, congresses and much more.

AUDI A6 rental with driver Barcelona

One of our most innovative and elegant vehicles within the Barcelona Lands fleet, with great interior space. Very popular among tourists; however, it stands out for its sporty design and is very popular for the transfer of families or friends. It has a high technology; a vehicle highly recommended by our specialists.

Minivan rental with driver Barcelona

In Barcelona Lands we give you the opportunity to book one of our minivans, such as: Opel Vivaro, VW Caravella, Mercedes Benz 9 seater, among others. We have a wide range of Mercedes Minivans with chauffeur service available. Think about moving around the city, the option recommended by our experts is to rent one of our minivans with chauffeur.

Rent Mercedes V-Class with driver Barcelona

With a capacity of seven seats, the Mercedes V class is the perfect vehicle for small group transfers in Barcelona; it has enough space for each of the crew, in addition to space for their luggage. It has one of our experts behind the wheel, so you only have to relax along the way.

Type of services that we perform in the Car rental with driver Barcelona

For your car rental service with driver, we have all the options available, always putting at your disposal, the best vehicles of our fleet and the most experienced drivers; among the main services we offer you are:

Business travel in Barcelona

Do I need a luxury car with driver to attend your business meetings? At Barcelona Lands we have a large fleet of high-end vehicles, perfect to take you to your trips in a comfortable and elegant vehicle.

Transfers to Events in Barcelona

Enjoy our transfer service to events, we pick you up and take you to any type of event, whether for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc., we are at your service, we guarantee quality, punctuality and discretion.

Private Tours Barcelona

At Barcelona Lands, we offer our clients a wide variety of private tours of Barcelona and what better way than to do them in one of our luxury rental cars, in which you can also have an experienced driver-guide.

Private transfers Barcelona

We make private transfers with driver in any of our available vehicles, we serve all number of seats, from very small groups to large groups, with pick up service at any point in the city.

Our fleet of cars available for car rental with driver Barcelona

Our fleet of vehicles, is one of the most recognized in Barcelona, since in it you can find the most exclusive car models, whether sports, luxury or sedan. Our main priority is always to give you the best attention and that, throughout your transfers, the experience is the best. We leave you a sample of the most exclusive cars that make up our fleet.

What do we offer in the service of car rental with driver Barcelona?

We have the personnel, the experience and the best resources necessary to give you a quality service, among which you can count on:

Servicio a medida

A tailor-made service

We meet all the requirements requested, at the time of your reservation, one of our experts will listen carefully to your request, to offer you the best options available and meet your needs and demands for the service.



Atención durante el servicio

Attention during the service

Our coverage is total, we offer customer service from start to finish, from the moment you make your reservation, one of our assigned experts will be in direct contact with you to make sure everything goes as planned from the beginning.




Los mejores vehiculos de Barcelona

The best vehicles in Barcelona

As we have already mentioned, we put at your disposal, our fleet of vehicles, in it we have vehicles of all types and for all types of situations. Definitely the best chauffeured car rental service in Barcelona.

Why choose us for car rental with driver Barcelona?

When booking a vehicle with driver for your transfers, it is important to take into account many things that make you feel safe and confident. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us over the competition:

Direct contact

At the moment of attending your request, we give quick and precise answers, this during the whole service, since during the transfer, we maintain the same contact to attend any eventuality that may arise.

Quality and commitment

Our service meets the highest safety standards, from the highly trained and experienced staff, to the best vehicles, capable of meeting all your expectations and the number of seats needed.


With more than 10 years of experience in the area, we guarantee that at every moment you will be attended by a true expert, in charge of presenting you the best options that cover the service that is being offered.

Other car rental services with driver Barcelona that we offer

When booking a vehicle with driver for your transfers, it is important to take into account many things that make you feel safe and confident. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us over the competition:

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Car rental with driver Barcelona

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