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Private guide Madrid

Private guide Madrid

Tour the beautiful landscapes of Madrid

The best way to tour Madrid with a professional and safely around the province

Hire a private guide to tour the best places in Madrid

Madrid is a predominantly sunny city. The climate is quite dry, so it can be quite cool in winter and extremely hot in summer. Compared to my home city, London, you see a lot more sun than rain, which makes Madrid a great place to visit and sightsee.

Madrid has an impressive history that I advise you to read up on a bit before visiting. This becomes evident when you pass by so many impressive monuments such as the amazing Plaza Mayor , the Egyptian Temple of Debod , the beautiful Almudena Cathedral and the Plaza de Cibeles , with its impressive fountain.


Madrid is a city so full of life and culture that it is difficult to do it justice in a few paragraphs. Artistically, the city stands head and shoulders above any other in Europe, with the best art museums on the continent, where Renaissance masterpieces and seminal 20th century pieces wait to captivate you.

See all the historical sights and get the background of the Spanish Empire that spanned the globe in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are also countless little things that make Madrid memorable, whether it’s a café con leche in a stately plaza, a few drinks at a rooftop bar or a stroll through the Retiro or Casa de Campo on a sunny day.


Reasons to hire a private guide in Madrid  

 Using a guide is the best use of your time.

The hassles of getting tickets, making reservations, checking hours of operation are easy for a good tour guide. A tour guide will always know the best times to visit attractions, when prices are best, which places you can skip, and any number of tricks and tactics that will help you make the most of a trip to a heavily visited place. A good guide could take you to an attraction in the morning before the crowds arrive, or arrange a private tour after hours. You’ll be able to do and see more by hiring an expert.

A guide is educated and trained to guide and then authorized to perform this activity.

He/she must have a college degree in History / Archaeology / Arts and then attend a 2 month seminar for tour guides to obtain certification. Licensed guides can be recognized by the badge they must wear when on duty.

 A guide is your personal resource.

He/she can answer your questions and suggest things that match your interests, both before and during your trip. In places that are exceptionally rich in historical or cultural significance, an educated tour guide can offer a depth of experience and knowledge that no guidebook, audio guide or plaque reading will even come close to. A good guide can explain the stories behind the monument, temple or statue and is always up to date with the facts.

A guide is a newfound friend in a foreign country.

By hiring a tour guide abroad, you will always have your personal connection in that country. You can always contact your guide and request information, recommend your friends or book your next trip easily and hassle-free, while saving a lot.


Private guide services Madrid 

Private guide in Madrid for small groups

Small group tours offer a more cost-effective option compared to private tours for two main reasons: one, because you are sharing an expert guide with other travelers and two, because you will often meet a guide directly at the starting point of the tour, which means that transportation is usually not included in the price. This means that your small group tour will start and end at a point that may or may not be near your hotel.

Private guide in Madrid for large groups

Finding your own way to and from the large group tour saves money, but also decreases the overall convenience of this option. If transportation is included in a large group experience, this transportation cost is split between each traveler, which helps keep costs down.  By including several large group tours in your itinerary, you will most likely have a new guide for each tour, which means that the introduction, brief chat, get-to-know-each-other phase begins anew with each tour.


Why hire Madrid Lands as your private guide?

Having a Barcelona Lands private guide for your tours provides the most seamless, authentic and time efficient option that offers access to the most educated and experienced guides in the industry. Our agency’s private guides are truly trained. The guides work with groups large and small, family or corporate. Of course, these private guides come at a higher price, but the experience they offer is truly invaluable.

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