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Tour of the charming town of houses and cobbled streets

  • Magnificent views of the Sierra de Montsant
  • Visit to the Baronia del Montsan winery
  • Get to know the Charterhouse of Santa Maria de Escalade
  • Get to know the Wine Cathedral 




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    In this TOUR we will visit the PRIORAT wine region, with a monumental history that is much appreciated.

    We will start in the morning from SALOU / TARRAGONA towards Siurana, a charming town of cobbled houses and streets and the remains of the Saracen fortress, located at the entrance of the town. At its feet, a swamp of clean and calm waters offers the possibility of practicing all kinds of water sports.

    The most relevant building in SIURANA is the Romanesque-style Church, which has a cover with a figured eardrum framed by three semicircular archivolts; these rest on six columns with capitals decorated with diverse motifs.

    Siurana is surrounded by interesting places and from the village you can enjoy magnificent views of the Sierra de Montsant, the Gritella and the Prades Mountains.

    After Siurana we will visit the Baronia del Montsant winery, a vineyard located in Cornudella, where we will carry out a tasting of 7 wines accompanied by a delicious local Cornudella appetizer.

    We moved to Escaladei, a town that originally was the Conreria of the Carthusian monastery that was established near there. It was the headquarters of the businesses of the house, from where the prior procurator directed the workers, monks or not, who took care of the wineries, herds and diverse fields. Here we will visit the facilities of CARTUJA DE SANTA MARIA DE ESCALADEI, the main monument of the region, which currently belongs to the Museum of History of Catalonia. La Cartuja was founded in the 12th century by Alfonso el Casto, and was the first in the Iberian Peninsula. The prior and his domains were those that gave name to what is called the historical Priorat and later to the whole region. With successive extensions since its foundation, it was finally abandoned in 1835 on the occasion of the exclamation and confiscation of Mendizábal. It is highly recommended to visit a restored cell, which allows you to clearly see the way of life of this community.

    To end our tour in this PRIORAT wine region, we will stop at FALSET, to get to know the "Wine Cathedral", a modernist building built by the architect of VallsCésar Martinell, a disciple of AntoniGaudí. It is one of the most representative wineries in Catalonia.

    The “Plaza de la Quartera” is surrounded by old porches and is one of the few in Catalonia built on a slope. In that same square we find the two palaces, that of the Dukes of Medinaceli, of Renaissance style (1630) and that of the Counts of Azara or Casa Grande. IN THE AREA WE WILL VISIT

    We will visit the CASTLE OF THE CONDES DE PRADES, currently enabled as a Wine Interpretation Center and known as Castell del Vi. (S. XII).

    Finally, we will have an eno-gastronomic activity at the “Agrícola Falset Marçà”, where we will have a small tasting.

    We will return to Salou or Tarragona in the afternoon.



    One of the most beautiful villages in the province. Set on a huge rock limestone rock and surrounded by the Estopiñá torrent, it has a magnificent panoramic view of the Ciurana river valley, along with its reservoir. It was declared a picturesque place in 1961. Its natural landscapes include rock formations such as the twin rock of the Siuranella, the Salto de la Reina Mora or la Trona, and the cliffs of Arbolí. 

    Located at the east end of the Sierra de Prades, 737m above sea level, on a mountain that is shaped like a peninsula that dominates the valleys of the Siurana River and Cornudella. It can be reached by a paved track from the town of Cornudella, also by a jungle path from Prades or there is the option to reach on foot by several roads and trails. 


    Sierra de Montsant 

    It is located in the northern part of the Priorat region, it establishes one of the most impressive reliefs of the Tarragona regions. Its highest point is the Corbatera Rock with 1,163 m altitude. This massif, is formed by a large block of limestone agglomerates with numerous and spectacular gorges, chasms, caves and caves product of erosive phenomena. Because of this unique relief, high biological diversity can still be enjoyed in the Sierra de Montsant. The vegetal landscape stands out a lot, as it offers mountain oak vegetation mixed with shady vegetation of gorges and formations of shrubs and herbaceous plants typical of very dry areas. This mixture is a product of the relief that allows the existence of microclimates. The Montsant hosts one of the richest wildlife populations in Catalonia. Montsant’s name is due to the long list of hermitages often located in unlikely and beautiful places – like the oldest, the Hermitage of Sant Bartomeu, which comes from the twelfth century. 


    Prades Mountains 

    It is a territory full of attractions. Incredible mountains and forests, historical and monumental heritage, high quality gastronomic products and an impressive tranquility. Small villages where time seems to stop, this makes the Prades Mountains an ideal destination for families with children seeking peace and outdoor activities 

    The mountains occupy an area of ​​307.26 km², and reach their maximum level in the Tossal de la Baltasana with 1202.7 m. Other peaks that stand out are the Mola dels Quatre Termes (1120 m) and Tossal Ras (1087 m). The mountains form two official parallel mountain ranges that run in a northeast-southwest direction, have a small plateau-shaped cut where Prades sits. This plateau is the one that separates the channels of the rivers Brugent (tributary of the Francolí) and Siurana. 


    Charterhouse of Escaladei 

    It is an abandoned monastery in a valley, with an incredible view as it is surrounded by the Montsant mountains. Despite the semi-abandoned state, it has an exceptional charm and magic. 

    Located in the Priory region. Founded in the twelfth century, it is considered to be the first Charterhouse of the Iberian Peninsula. According to legend, the monks chose this place for a pastor who had dreamed of angels who climbed to heaven by a supported ladder that was supported by a pine tree, that is why Escaladei’s name meansladder of God.” 



    It is the capital of the Priorat region. It is located southeast of the region and in the middle of a valley surrounded by the mountains of Roca Roja, El Morral and the Sierra de Llaberia and irrigated by the Siurana River. 

    Its center is formed by the Plaza de la Quartera, which is surrounded by old porches in the middle of a slope. Here are two mansions with a Renaissance style, one belongs to the Dukes of Medinaceli and the other belongs to the Counts of Azara or Casa Grande. 


    Castle of the Counts of Prades 

    This dates from the 12th century, today it is a regional museum. It is a new museum space that raises the historical and cultural discovery of the Priory in an entertaining and interactive way. With a careful selection of pieces, different aspects and moments of it are made known, involving a wide chronology. Since the death in prehistory, following the trade between Iberians and Romans, or also since the birth of Falset in the Middle Ages ending in times of war in modern times. The museum also has a space for temporary exhibitions and thus show other aspects of the history of the territory in a more dynamic, specific and in-depth way. 




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