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Enjoy a day in Pedraforca full of outdoor activities

  •  Walk through Gosol
  •  Visit to the FUMANYA Dinosaur Interpretation Center
  •  Visit the Cercs Carbon Mines
  •  Visit to the Sant Romà gallery.

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    We leave early in the morning from Barcelona. After a journey of approximately two hours we arrived to Gósol, a small town located very close to Pedraforca. There we prepare for the walk we will take. Pedraforca is perhaps the most famous mountain in Catalonia after Montserrat. Its twin peaks, connected by a small horizontal stretch, give it a characteristic fork shape that inspired its name.  

    We can opt for two options: 

    1. Route 360:

    A walk of 5 to 6 hours, with a low difficulty, suitable for families with small children. Leaving from Gósol, we will walk along the periphery of Pedraforca to admire the landscape surrounding the elevation. After an hour of journey, we approach Cap de la Portella, from where we see the Cerneres Valley. 

    We arrived at the “Refugio Lluís Estasen”, making a short stop to admire the landscape that gives us the rocky face north of the Pedraforca and take pictures. We continue our journey for the remaining half of the journey, until arriving to Gósol where we will enjoy a delicious traditional Catalan food. 

    2.  “Tartera de Gósol”:

    Walk of 3 hours of duration with a medium difficulty. Departure from Gósol towards Cap de Sedis, where the climb begins for the pot, a road once full of pebbles and small rocks that facilitated the way, currently with some erosion by the activity of hikers in the area. We continue towards Enforcadura, where we ascend on the left towards Pollegó Superior, with 2506 meters is the highest point of the massif, very close to the north summit of Pedraforca (2438 meters). 

    We return to Gósol, where the food will take place. There is the possibility of reaching the northern peak and descending on the other side of the mountain, if we so wish. 

     In the afternoon, we will know part of the history of the zomarca where we will visit The Dinosaur Interpretation Center of Fumaya, from the hand of expert guides, who will accompany us to discover the dinosaurs that inhabited the Berguedà 65.000 million years ago. 

    We will also discover the Cercs Coal Mines, located in the mining colony of Sant Corneli, which will reveal us one of the largest sites in the worldof dinosaur foorprints from 65 millions years ago.

    After this visit and beautiful day of trekking, we will return to Barcelona.


    Barcelona and its History 

    There is no clear idea of ​​the origins of Barcelona. There are two legends, one Roman and one Carthaginian, which accuse the founding of the founding of the foundation of Barcelona. 

    Roman legend tells that it was founded by Hercules, who, joined Jason and the Argonauts, they are commissioned to look for the ninth boat in the fleet, which was lost during a storm. Finally they find the Nona Boat in the hills of a hill, which today is called Montjuic. Everyone liked the place very much, that’s why they decided to found a city they called Barcanona.

    The Carthaginian legend, attributes the foundation to Amílcar Barca, father of Aníbal, this in command of the Carthaginian army, during the Second Punic War, took the city in which at that time the Layetans (Iberians) lived. It is said that in the year 230 it was the new foundation, with the name of Barkenon or Barcelino. The name would come from Barca. When the Romans assaulted the peninsula they gave the city the name of Colonia Julia Augusta Paterna Faventia Barcino, in 218 a. C. 


    Gosol and its History 

    The first Gósol reference dates back to 839, but the castle is not named until the following century, until the castle church is from the 11th century. The castle of Gósol, passed into the hands of the Pinós. During the thirteenth century, several natives of Gósol had problems with the Church due to heresy 

    The armed conflicts that have affected Gósol throughout history began with the struggles against Berga (1368-1370) due to feudal difficulties. Next, the town was involved in the inconvenience against the count of Foix and later in the war against Joan II. 

    In the 16th century, the natives of Gósol were involved in the campaigns against the Huguenots of France. At the same time, the town was commanded by the Dukes of Alba. The Carlist wars significantly affected Gósol, with the burning of houses between 1837 and 1876. During the 19th century, the inhabitants left the old town of Altozano to move to the valley. The new location witnessed changes to the industry and, above all, mining. 


    Lluís Estaen Shelter 

    It is located in the Jassa los Prados (1,640 m), on the north side of Pedraforca. You enter from the viewpoint by a well indicated path. It can also be reached from the track that goes to the Coasts, where there is a small cable car that serves to carry the material in the shelter. 

    Inaugurated on June 26, 1949, this equipment was built to Jaça los Prados a splendid meadow in the lower part of the rocky wall of Pedraforca, one of the most emblematic mountains of the country. In 1977 an important remodeling and a great extension was made. 


    FUMANYA Dinosaur Interpretation Center 

    Fumanya is the largest site in Europe with traces of sauropod from the Upper Cretaceous and the most important worldwide. In this center, 3,500 dinosaur fossil footprints and more than 40 traces have been discovered; 114 fossils of dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles and remains of different marine fauna; 70 palm leaves; 120 remains of the trunk, possibly of palm tree, which could reach a height of 14 meters; and 30 levels with remains of shells, eggs and dinosaur skin. The Fumanya site was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest (BCIN) in 2014, and wants to aspire to be a UNESCO World Heritage Sit 

    Here in addition to knowing everything related to dinosaurs, mainly with the titanosaur, you can also see real pieces of some of its bones and eggs. 


    Carbon Mines of Cercs 

    It is a museum dedicated to coal mining that is located in the colony of Sant Corneli, in the municipality of Serchs, region of Berguedá (Catalonia). This is a museum of technique and history that shows the relationship between coal and the geological, landscape, economic and human environment of the region. It was founded in 1999, is part of the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia. The guided tour allows you to see the harsh working conditions inside the mine. The gallery was opened in 1885 and was subsequently operated by the company Carbones de Berga, S.A., founded in 1911 and was active until 1991. 


    All year except Christmas, New Year and St. Stephen



    • Private vehicle transfer or Minibus
    • Visit to Gosol
    • Walk through Pedraforca
    • Visit to The Fumanya Dinosaur Interpretation Center
    • Guide throughout the entire Tour

    • Maximum capacity: 15 people.
    • Meeting point: Pick up at the Hotel of Hospedaje.
    • It is essentialto have received the reservation confirmation.



    1-day tours are cancelable up to 24 hours before.


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