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Meet Catalonia’s Most Emblematic Peak

  1. Montserrat Monastery Tour
  2. Sant Joan cogwheel train tour
  3. Montjuïc Mountain Cable Car ride
  4. Meet Park Güell
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    Visit to Montserrat

    Our tour will start on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​on the most emblematic peak of Catalonia. The Montserrat Massif, and its Monastery where we will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the entire mountain during the minivan tour. In the Montserrat Monastery after appreciating the beauty that the mountain offers with its famous views that impress visitors, we will enter the Royal Basilica to contemplate “La Moreneta”, called the black virgin of the Catalans.

    After an initial guided tour, we will have free time to explore some of the spectacular viewpoints such as the Sant Miquel Cross, the Santa Cova or the “Sant Joan Cremallera Train”

    We will return to the city of Barcelona to visit those emblematic points, always remote and difficult to access by public transport.

    Montjuïc tour

    We will enter Barcelona through the Montjuïc Mountain, one of the most beautiful natural viewpoints in Barcelona. We will arrive at Barceloneta, to take the aerial cable car, which crosses the port of Barcelona from the air. This will take us to the Montjuic viewpoint, from where we will have incredible views of the port, Maremagnum and the Rambla

    Returning from Montjuïc we head towards the Carretera de les Aigües, a flat and unpaved track of about 9 kilometers in length located at the foot of the Collserola Natural Park. During the tour, which we will do on foot, we will see the city of Barcelona, ​​from natural viewpoints that will amaze us.


    Visit to Park Güell

    We will go back with the car to the city and continue our way to Park Güell, one of the icons of Barcelona, ​​built between 1900 and 1914, famous for the works of the architect Antonio Gaudí, to contemplate the great works of this unique artist; which is considered one of the top representatives of surrealism and decorate its 17 hectares. We will visit the park slowly to enjoy this Unesco Heritage Site.

    We willvisit the park slowly and finish the our Tour.


    Monserrat and its History  

    The sanctuary has its historical origin in the hermitage of Santa Maria that Count Wifredo el Velloso donated to the monastery of Ripoll in 888. 

    In 1025, Oliba, abbot of Ripoll and bishop of Vic, was the founder of a new monastery in the hermitage of Santa María de Montserrat. In a very short time, the small monastery had pilgrims and visitors, these contributed to make known among the villagers the stories of miracles and wonders that the Virgin worked. 

    In 1409, the monastery became an independent monastery. Between 1493 and 1835, a time of great growth reforms, Montserrat was part of the Congregation of Valladolid. 

    During the 17th and 18th centuries, the monastery becomes a cultural center of the first order. Great composers leave the monastery’s music school. 

    Later, the Napoleonic war and the confiscation of 1835 turned it into destruction and abandonment. But in 1844 the restoration of monastic life began and in 1881, at the Feast of the Coronation of the Image of the Virgin, she was proclaimed as Patroness of Catalonia by Pope Leo XIII 

    In the Spanish Civil War, abandonment was experienced again in the monastery. But, the Government of Catalonia preserved Montserrat from looting and destruction. 


    Barcelona and its History 

    There is no clear idea of ​​the origins of Barcelona. There are two legends, one Roman and one Carthaginian, which accuse the founding of the founding of the foundation of Barcelona. 

    Roman legend tells that it was founded by Hercules, who, joined Jason and the Argonauts, they are commissioned to look for the ninth boat in the fleet, which was lost during a storm. Finally they find the Nona Boat in the hills of a hill, which today is called Montjuic. Everyone liked the place very much, that’s why they decided to found a city they called Barcanona. 

    The Carthaginian legend, attributes the foundation to Amílcar Barca, father of Aníbal, this in command of the Carthaginian army, during the Second Punic War, took the city in which at that time the Layetans (Iberians) lived. It is said that in the year 230 it was the new foundation, with the name of Barkenon or Barcelino. The name would come from Barca. When the Romans assaulted the peninsula they gave the city the name of Colonia Julia Augusta Paterna Faventia Barcino, in 218 a. C. 


    Zip Train 

    The Zipper is the only transport that reaches the center of the Montserrat Mountain Sanctuary. In 15 minutes the zipper runs through the unique silhouette of the mountain and you can enjoy incredible views of the mountain. On the tour you can appreciate the great beauty of the landscape that surrounds from Monistrol to reach Montserrat. 

    The Train is willing to guarantee maximum comfort to travelers, both the train and the platforms are fully enabled for people with reduced mobility. Also, the Monistrol – Vila station has a large free parking lot, with capacity for up to 1,000 cars and 70 buses, catering service and all the necessary services for travelers. 


    Montjuï Mountain 

    It is a mountain in the city of Barcelona, ​​measuring a total of 173 meters. Its name means ‘Mount of the Jews’, since, according to archaeological documents and vestiges, there was a Jewish cemetery in the past 

    Although it is also believed that it could come from theMons lovistranslation, this means Mount of Jupiter in Latin, a name mentioned in a Roman cartographic work.  


    Collserola Natural Park 

    This park offers endless possibilities to enjoy nature and healthy life. A paradise for hikers, cyclists and runners. With more than 8,000 hectares, it is considered the largest metropolitan park in the country. 

    Sant Cugat is the municipality with more surface ique is part of the Natural Park of the Collserola mountain range, at 44%. The reserves that partially limit the park are: Font Groga and Rierada-Can Balasc. 


    Guell park 

    The park has its name by Eusebi Güell, a rich businessman who loves Gaudí’s works, who acted as his main patron. Although the main idea was the construction of a luxury residential complex, over the years this idea was forgotten and instead a park worthy of the scene of a story was built. 

    The park was opened in 1922, since then it has become one of the main tourist attractions of the city. In 1984 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 




    All year except Christmas, New Year and St. Stephen



    • Private vehicle transfer or Minibus • Guide throughout the tour
    • Visit to Montjuic
    • Ticket cable car from Montjuic
    • Visit to Park Guell
    • Visit to the Montserrat Monastery

    • Maximum capacity: 15 people.
    • Meeting point: Pick up at the Hotel of Hospedaje.
    • It is essentialto have received the reservation confirmation.



    1-day tours are cancelable up to 24 hours before.


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