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Whether you have an interest in visiting natural landscapes, renowned cultural sites, gastronomic routes or just taking a quiet walk; either if you are an adventurous traveler with a desire to spend adrenaline, or prefer quiet and leisurely trips; or if you travel with your family, with friends, as a couple, with children or alone, in BARCELONA LANDS we are prepared to design with you the best travel experience in this beautiful destination: Catalonia.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a trip according to your needs, with an itinerary adjusted to your interests, tastes and time availability. Our work philosophy is based on 3 principles:

Knowledge of the place: we know every corner and its history to offer you the best experience

Flexibility: we adapt the trip to your preferences, more dynamic, more cultural, with activities for children, …

Passion: our passion is to travel, and we enjoy traveling. When we design the trips we do it so that our clients live the best experience.

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